In the last decades, Kabbalah has become more and more popular. Celebrities like Madonna have contributed to increase Kabbalah‘s popularity drawing people’s attention to terms like the Tree of Life, the 10 Sephiroth, the Sepher Yetzirah, the Zohar, the Gematria, the Alef-Beit, the Jewish Mysticism and the 72 Names of God.

The word Kabbalah is a transliteration of the original in Hebrew קבלה. Therefore, you can find many ways to spell it: Qabalah, Cabala, Kabala, Cabalà, Kaballah. Kabbala, Kabalah, Kabbalah and so forth. I have decided to use the most common one.

Thanks to the increase of its popularity, learning Kabbalah online has become easier: there are tens of websites trying to give explanations and lessons. Furthermore, if you enter a bookstore and head towards the exoteric section, you are able to find hundreds of books: huge collections and small manuals. All of these are meant to help people who want to get an understanding of Kabbalah.

Despite of all the available information, many people still find the process of learning Kabbalah a very complicated task.

The abuse of difficult terms, quotes from Judaism, references to exoteric and magic, may stop anybody’s intention to understand and learn Kabbalah. Everything looks so complicated.

Learning Kabbalah is easier than what you think

My personal experience, during more than 20 years of my Kabbalah study, is that, if you can overcome your fears and explore this wonderful system of codes, you will definitely be able to better understand both people and reality.

The main purpose of this website is to help simple minds, as I am, to learn Kabbalah in an easier way.

Why I wanted to do this? Because I believe that Kabbalah is an incredible system of thought which can really change one’s life and that it is easier and simpler than what it looks like.

I have tried to give easy answers to questions like “What is Kabbalah?”, “How can I learn Kabbalah?” or “What does Kabbalah say about my Horoscope?”. I have also tried to explain how to use the wisdom of Kabbalah to improve the quality of our lives.

You can learn Kabbalah online and easily understand the meaning of words such as: Sephira (or Sefira), Sephiroth (or Sefirot, Sephirot), Etz Haim (the Tree of Life), Zohar. You can start reading the Hebrew Alphabet, the Alef-Beit and get acquainted with Gematria. You will be able to start a journey through the antique secrets of Jewish Mysticism that will lighten your soul.

Learn the connections between Kabbalah and Astrology

You can better understand the secrets of Kabbalistic Astrology through an introduction to the Sepher Yetzirah, its teachings and the descriptions of the 12 signs of the Zodiac according to Kabbalah‘s tradition.

I have also written an e-book to help you getting acquainted with the correspondences between Kabbalah and Astrology. Kabbalistic Astrology is a very fascinating subject that gives a different perspective to Astrology and Horoscopes thanks to Kabbalah‘s teachings. My e-book helps you decoding the secrets of your birthday and gives you a description of each sign according to Kabbalah‘s tradition.

Kabbalah uses Astrology to explain the meaning of your personality and gives advice to achieve a steadier spiritual growth in your life.

Learn how to meditate with Kabbalah

You can learn how to use the 22 letters of the Alef-Beit and the teachings of Kabbalah as a daily meditation tool for a happier life. Kabbalah is a powerful meditation method that can help you self-healing. Each one of the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet can bring peace and serenity in your life, once you start meditating with them. The Wisdom of Kabbalah starts with the Alef-Beit, the Hebrew Alphabet.

You will soon find an online explanation of the 72 Names of God: their names, their secrets and their gifts.

I hope you can enjoy it as I have enjoyed Kabbalah in my life for more than 20 years and, if any, let me have your comments.

Be aware that, when it comes to transliteration of Hebrew, many words are spelled differently. The important thing is how the words are written in Hebrew. As for it, in this website, I have decided to use Hebrew fonts to avoid any spelling issues.